Top 5 Gifts That Your Wife Will Love

Ladies, it’s time for each and every one of you to round up all of your husbands and bring them over to us, because we need to have a little chat with them.

You see, it’s Wife Appreciation Day, and we want to make sure that all of our lovely Fairies get the treatment they deserve. While we don’t think appreciating your wife should be isolated to just one day, we’re still going to make sure that it is celebrated in the best way possible.

So hand your partners this article, and disappear for just a short while to practice your surprised, ‘honey you shouldn’t have’ face, because we’ve rounded up the top 5 gifts that we know you’d love to receive. It’s a fool-proof list, so you can be sure he won’t be screwing this one up.


1. Floral Surprise

Yes, we’ve put flowers on the list, but husbands, don’t get too excited and start thinking your job’s done with just a pretty bunch of florals.

On the contrary, if all you’ve done is bring home a bouquet, then shame on you, Sir.

You see, flowers should always be the accompanying gift, the side dish, so to speak. Unless your wife is obsessed with fresh blooms, or you’ve gone to the effort of remembering her exact favourite flower, then don’t be too pleased with yourself if this is all you’ve managed.

Flowers are wonderful, of course, but please, don’t just stop here. Expand your horizons and dig a little deeper for a few other little things that’ll make her feel special.


2. Something Personalised

Who doesn’t love a little Daily Edited goodness? This brand’s range is stylish, chic, and oh so cute. They’ve got a range of colours to choose from, but not too many that’ll you go insane trying to find the nicest one, and whatever gift you choose can be monogrammed and personalised.

They’ve got phone cases, bags, wallets, pouches, and so much more. Our personal favourites are their cosmetic cases and the travel case, but whatever you choose, don’t delay putting your order in, because they do sell out quickly!


3. Bling Bling

Who doesn’t love to be showered in beautiful jewellery? If your leading lady loves her accessories, then this is certainly the way to go.

For anyone unsure of where to find gorgeous pieces that’ll make for a happy wife, Colette is a great option that we know she’ll love. From drop earrings to rings and statement necklaces, you can literally go nuts. And to make it that little bit more special, Colette also have a range of bags and wallets, so why not buy her a cute bag to hide the jewellery in? It’ll work as a brilliant double surprise.


4. Set The Mood

We know this seems a little boring, but trust us on this one. Candles are another great accompanying gift, but if you really want to go that extra mile, stock up on a few different candles that smell great, and maybe place some in the bathroom. Run her a bath with some relaxing bath salts for when she comes back from a long day and ta-dah! You’ve now got a super romantic setting that’ll be sure to make her heart melt.

For the perfect candles, try out Dusk. They’ve got such a great variety so you’ll easily be able to find something that she’ll like.

Combine this with another gift and you’ll be a winner in her heart.


5. Chill Out

If your wife is really into a relaxing, soothing experience, then we suggest you book her in for a spa. The ladies over at Langhana Spa do a range of packages, massages and treatments that’ll have your wife feeling like she’s in the middle of a luxurious Balinese resort.

Their Pure Radiance package sounds to us like two hours of pure heaven, but there’s also an Eco Relax Massage that’ll be perfect for anyone on a tighter budget.

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