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We are the industry benchmark in cultivating and leading some of the world’s biggest brands in the online space, and know what women want to experience through a wedding themed site. Wedded Wonderland takes the journey with the follower from adolescent dreaming of falling in love, to their relationships, life-events, the BIG day to love ever after. We share supplier advice, industry insights, a comprehensive guide, planning tools, and day-to-day event and promotional information relating to weddings and special events.

With a dynamic audience growing daily, the Wedded Wonderland follower (better known as Fairy) checks in daily for the latest brands, trends, product offerings – and most importantly to be part of this awesome community to share her experiences with. She is a Bride, Bridesmaid, Wedding Guest, Event Attendee, Race Go-er, Graduate, Party Girl, Mum, Best Friend and Sister. We time and time again create a demand for products and services otherwise unknown, in a vibrant, enigmatic way.

The Wedded Wonderland Fairy is on the journey of love… and we are here to celebrate with her every step of the way.




Wendy El-Khoury Name: Wendy El-Khoury
Title: Queen of the wild and weird
Quote I live by: “Work hard, play harder”
Favourite movie: Roman Holiday- Audrey Hepburn 1953
My personality in three words: Passionate, Enthusiastic, Endearing
What era should I have really been born in: Renaissance, Italy
What do I hate: Refugee crisis, greed, and mistreatment of humans based on age, sex, or religion
What do I love: My Boys, my Family, being serenaded by anyone who can remotely hold a note, and cake
Why WW: It is my world, my home, and has lived in my head since the day I was born
Adele Vittoria Name: Melissa Ayoub
Title: National Sales Executive
Quote I live by: “Everything happens for a reason”
Favourite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
My personality in three words: Old soul, Sincere, Thoughful
What era should I have really been born in: 1940s Paris – Self Proclaimed Francophile
What do I hate: Morning alarms, hypocrites
What do I love: Family, Food, Cooking
Why WW: On a journey of love – all day, every day!
Zeinab Hammoud Name: Zeinab Hammoud
Title: Digital Content Editor
Quote I live by: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”
Favourite movie: Don’t have one.. yet!
My personality in three words: Rather not say
What era should I have really been born in: 50’s
What do I hate: Mess,
What do I love: My family, Cats, beach walks, winter fashion & sushi
Why WW: It’s dynamic, constantly evolving and you never get bored
Ashleigh Malkoun Name: Ashleigh Malkoun
Title: Executive Assistant and Team Leader
Quote I live by: “Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life”
Favourite movie: Sabrina 1954 & Great Gatsby 1974
My personality in three words: Crazy, Vibrant & Dedicated
What era should I have really been born in: 1980’s (just missed it)
What do I hate: Irresponsible parenting and misjudgement
What do I love: walk in wardrobes….. and a fabulous pair of earrings…
Why WW: the life of a true style queen!
Jo Arcidiacono Name: Jo Arcidiacono
Title: Social Media Manager
Quote I live by: “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”
Favourite movie: Not a big movie Guru, I watch 5 movies a year, Max! However I can recide White Chicks & Home Alone 1, Word for Word
My personality in three words: Unique, Confident, Creative
What era should I have really been born in: 1970’s Who doesn’t love a little Bee Gees? Thanks Dad!
What do I hate: Animal cruelty
What do I love: Travel – Santorini has my heart, Animals – Gods beautiful creatures, Shoes – Certified Shoe Addict
Why WW: This constantly evolving industry calls for a constantly evolving workplace. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of future world domination?
 Nadia Ayoub  Name: Nadia Ayoub
Title: Digital Marketing Coordinator
Quote I live by: “Believe anything is possible, then work like hell to make it happen”
Favourite movie: The re-make of Beauty and the Beast
My personality in three words: Vibrant, Creative & Hilarious
What era should I have really been born in: 1950’s Paris – When all the designers like Gabrielle Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior were still alive.
What do I hate: Unreliable people
What do I love: My friends, family and my dog
Why WW: I love working with inspiring and hardworking people everyday.

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