8 Tips for Being the Best Bridesmaid Ever

Your bestie forever is getting married and you’ve been granted the honour of being a bridesmaid, congrats! But now you’re slightly daunted (or supremely excited!) about the great responsibility. Being the perfect bridesmaid requires you to assist the bride in making her big day into the wedding of her dreams. But before you fall into a panic take a read through our 8 tips to being the best bridesmaid ever!

1. Get Your Budget on Point

Start saving early being a bridesmaid definitely comes at a hefty cost. There’s the bridesmaid dress, the shoes, accessories and possible accommodation. Plus pitching in for the bridal shower and gifts for the bride. But don’t let it stress you out. Make sure you create a budget and stick to it.

2. Say Yes to the Dress

Yes, that shade of pink makes you look ill, and yes you’re terrified of tripping over your floor-length dress. But keep in mind how happy the bride will be. It all comes down to a few hours wearing a dress you never have to wear again. Plus everyone is aware the dress is the bride’s choice and won’t judge you if it’s a complete train wreck.

3. Get Your Dancing Shoes On

It may seem ridiculous but practicing your killer dance moves in your bridesmaid shoes is a must. It’s your job as bridesmaid to help get the party started, which means you’ll be expecting to be the first on the dance floor. So make sure you can actually dance in your shoes! Go on, get your boogie on.

4. Be Present

Sure you’re probably being inundated with emails, group chat notifications and a countless amount of direct messages. But don’t ignore them, be present. Being up to date with all the wedding planning is imperative to being a worthy bridesmaid. If it gets too much mute your notifications for a few hours and catch up when you get a break during the day.

5. Plan the Bachelorette Party

As part of the, #bridessquad you’re expected to help plan the bachelorette party. Start planning early and call dibs on a task you know you’ll be awesome at. Also, be a team player. Don’t place all the responsibility on one bridesmaid, remember the bachelorette party is supposed to be fun for everyone.

6. Drunk and Disorderly

There’s nothing wrong with sharing a champers on the morning of the wedding and having a few drinks during the reception – it’s a celebration after at! But keep a check. You’re expected as a bridesmaid to mingle with the guests and assist the bride, however, if you can’t stand straight you might not be too much help.

7. Survivors Ready…Go!

Organise a wedding day survival kit and get the other bridesmaids involved. The survival kit will ensure you’ve got any emergency covered. Prep your kit with deodorant, bobby pins, sewing kit and a few other essentials. For a list of items, you should definitely have in your survival kit click here.

8. Snap some Pics

Remember to charge your phone and take as many behind the scenes photos as you can. The bride will really appreciate it and you can capture the moments that the photographer may have missed. But make sure you’re not totally glued to your phone and forget to be present!


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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