4 Ways To Nail Your Engagement Photoshoot

Congrats on getting engaged! While we’re sure you’re loving the opportunities to show your ring off to anyone who will pay attention, we’ve got some serious business to sort out – your engagement photoshoot. In honour of National Camera Day, we’ve got 4 super simple ways to make sure you have some seriously impressive photos to look back on (there’s no room for error in the Social Media Age).

Choose Your Location Wisely

Sure, you’ve always imagined a cliffside shoot with the ocean waves crashing on the rocks below, but did you consider that maybe July isn’t the best time for this? Keep outside factors like seasons in account when choosing your photoshoot location, otherwise you’re going to have a bad time. Also, if you’re planning on a shoot in winter and don’t like the idea of getting rained on (although they do make for great photos), make sure you choose a spot that has shelter in advance.

Special note: Do not leave this until last. Locations get booked up pretty fast, especially if your dream spot happens to be the dream spot of

Get Your Lighting Right

A good photographer knows exactly how to work their magic with light and shadow, so you won’t need to worry too much when it comes to nailing this part. If you’re looking for the ultimate time to take pictures, dusk is always a winner – with the setting sun and the colours of the sky (especially in summer), your photographer will have more than enough to work with.

Stick To A Theme

Look, the whole rainbow unicorn trend might be cute now, but do you really want to look back on your engagement shoot and see that you styled it like a 5-year-old’s birthday? Not really. Get in touch with nature and have a forest shoot or hit the beach. Bit of a food junkie? Have a bit of fun and head to a fast food restaurant for some light-hearted pics. Just don’t try to throw in multiple themes – it can get messy.

Know Your Photo Style

No one likes an awkward photo. If you or your partner aren’t the best in front of the camera (if your arms take on the appearance of Slenderman and your face is constantly caught mid-speech or -smile whenever a camera appears, we understand your struggles) then work with your photographer to get the photos that work best. Like to make fun of yourself? Have your photographer follow you around and grab plenty of candid shots of the two of you having fun. Trust us, it’ll look better than a stiff pose that’s been done a million times before.

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